Sweaters, Magnolia Trees & Brioche: Overlooked Biblical Metaphors for God

  • Lauren Winner

  • Lauren Winner is an American historian, writer, lecturer and Episcopal priest. She is an associate professor of Christian Spirituality at Duke Divinity School. She has served as senior editor of Christianity Today and as a visiting Fellow at the Center for the Study of Religion at Princeton University as well as the Institute of Sacred Music at Yale University. She has written several acclaimed books including Girl Meets GodMudhouse SabbathA Cheerful and Comfortable FaithStill: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis, Wearing God, and The Dangers of Christian Practice.

    “Winner holds that we ought to remain faithful to the fragile practices that have been handed on to us not only for pragmatic reasons but because (although broken) they remain gifts given to us by God,” writes Patrick Gilger in a review of The Dangers of Christian Practice. “In a moment of exceptional courage of her own near the close of her book, Winner asks and answers the one question that remains. ‘What kind of God,’ she poses, ‘gives gifts we can’t use well? …The one who makes all things, even broken practices, new.'”

    Holy Eucharist: Lauren Winner preaching
    Sunday, September 29
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